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(02) 8858 4877


79 Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Form Of Identification

CHRG welcomes members and visitors to its venues, including Castle Hill RSL Club, Club Parramatta, Lynwood Golf and Country Club and Castle Hill Bowling Club.

Visitors over the age of 18 must present valid identification, including proof of address. Members and visitors who appear under the age of 25 must provide proof of age when entering.

The following forms of identification are accepted:

  • A current driver or rider license issued by an Australian State or Territory or any foreign country

  • A NSW digital driver license

  • Australian or overseas passport (proof of address must be supplied with an Australian passport)

  • NSW photo card

  • Proof of age card/identification card

  • Keypass (over 18) identity card issued by Australia Post

  • An Australian defence force identification card

Other forms of identification will be at the discretion of CHRG management, whose decision will be final.

Dress Code

CHRG welcomes members and visitors to its venues. The acceptable dress code is smart casual, with a clean, neat, and tidy appearance, at all times.


For the comfort of all our guests, obscene or offensive clothing will not be tolerated.


Additionally, the following regulations apply to all patrons:

  • Neat and Tidy Attire: Please wear clean and well-maintained, regular clothing. Clothing with offensive language, symbols, or graphics is not allowed, including but not limited to violence, hate speech, or explicit content.

  • Revealing clothing is not permitted: Undergarments, or clothing resembling an undergarment, should not be visible. Swimwear is not permitted.

  • Footwear: Appropriate, clean, and well-maintained footwear is required, at all times. No bare feet.

  • Hats and Caps: Please remove hats and caps indoors, except for specific cultural or religious headwear.


For specific events or functions, the dress code may vary. Please check our event announcements for details on dress requirements for such occasions.
We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Our staff are here to assist you and ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Patrons who do not adhere to this dress code may be asked to adjust their attire or may be denied entry, as all dress regulations and hygiene standards are at the discretion of CHRG Management, whose decision will be final in all matters relating to dress and behaviour.

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